The Must Attend Event For Men Who Want To WIN & SUCCEED In Life
Learn The Blueprint To CREATING The Success, Freedom & Life You Want WITHOUT wasting anymore time.
Learn The Blueprint To CREATING The Success, Freedom & Life You Want WITHOUT wasting anymore time.
🗓 Thursday 16th July - 7.30 PM - 🗓
Take your mindset, finances, physique, manbrand, communication skills & lifestyle to the next level in just 2 hours
✅ If you want to take your mindset, finances, physique and life to the next level
✅ If you want to live this ONE life with zero regrets to you can get to the end and say “I’m proud”, “I did it”, “I achieved what I wanted to achieve” and “I lived life my way”
✅ If you want more freedom, control & choice in your life
✅ And If you are ready for your biggest 12-18 Months ever....then Mantastic After Dark is a must attend event for you 
What Past Attendees Have To Say
We're taking the LIVE event DIGITAL
Meet Tommy Bellman 
  • CEO & Founder Mantastic
  • Mantastic Program Creator
  • ​Host: Mantastic Podcast
  • ​Author: How To Become The CEO Of Your Life
  • ​TOMFIT GYM Founder
  • Ex Competitive Marathon Runner & Athletic Bodybuilder
  • ​Bachelor Health Science (Bond University, Aus)
  • Personal life "MANTOR" who is dedicated to helping men create the success, freedom & life they want
Frequently Asked Questions
  •  How Much To Access Mantastic After Dark? 
Mantastic After Dark is FREE. Seating is strictly limited due to the live format so please only register if you are actually going to attend.
  •  Whats involved in the workshop?
The workshop is going to teach you how to run your life like a business with you as CEO. So if you want to improve your mindset, money, physique and lifestyle it is for you. This session is LIVE and interactive with good chats and banter so feel free to come along with a glass of wine or a beer... for an awesome evening.
  •  Why the Phone Call?
Tommy runs these sessions in an interactive format and loves to find out what drives you and what you are looking to get out of the evening. On the evening we aren't able to have a One on One 5-10 minute chat so it makes sense to be completed prior.
  •  Can you buy anything at Mantastic After Dark?
Whilst we run a full Mantastic Program, that program runs by application only. So no you can not buy anything at Mantastic After Dark.